[TRANS] SG Wannabe -고작 (Only Just) Eng Sub

SG Wannabe didn’t settle on the title song for the second part of their 7th album until last minute.  The day before the minialbum was to be released (and after the earthquake), Jinho tweeted a message to his fans mentioning how the lyrics of Part 2 seem different to him now… due to what is happening in Japan.  Whether by choice or by coincidence, SG Wannabe decided on Gojak (Only Just) as the title song.

When Gojak was released, I asked one Naesaram fan for her opinions.  She replied:

PART2 is very sentimental we come in tears.  I like 고작.  As Jinho says, the lyrics of this song, there is now the heart of Japan.

The song took on a different meaning for me after our conversation.

Then yesterday, my mom emailed to say that she was successful in getting a full refund on her cancelled trip to Japan next month.  She reminds me that spring is coming on Monday and Tokyo must be beautiful this time of year.  I told her she will eventually get to see the cherry blossoms.  It’s just going to be next year.

Next year, I think I’ll make the trip with her.

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One Response to [TRANS] SG Wannabe -고작 (Only Just) Eng Sub

  1. Jen says:

    This song does sounds different now. Thank you for translating it.

    My thought are with the people in Japan, especially Japanese SG wannabe fan. Hope everyone is safe, and would also like to wish Japan the very best for a speedy recovery from the catastrophe.

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