[NEWS] Will 2BIC Become The Next SG Wannabe?

[2012-03-07 17:45  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung]

Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

Well known composer, Jo Young Soo, announced the debut of a new two member group, 2BIC.

Jo, who composed R&B group SG Wannabe′s hit songs such as Partner for Life, Lalala, and Arirang and further showed off his capability as the group’s producer, promised to make 2BIC, a group he discovered and trained, into the next SG Wannabe.

On March 7, Jo′s agency (Nextar Entertainment) introduced 2BIC′s logo through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other media channels at midnight.

The logo features two fetuses connected to a headphone through their umbilical cords. It symbolizes the members′ long musical background, hinting that they were practicing music while still in their mother′s wombs.

According to the agency, 2BIC stands for ′2Bi Continued′ and consists of two members, Jihwan and Junhyung, who both share similar musical tastes.

A rep from the agency said, “These two are the work-in-progress of Jo′s ambitious goal to take over the music industry, which seems to have lost emphasis on powerful vocalists in today′s idol group dominated scene.”

Jo added, “I′ve worked on my share of projects and dealt with many different singers but this has been the most exciting project of them all. I′ve prepared for this day for a long time, and the members (of 2BIC) are more talented than SG Wannabe. As such, I am full of confidence.”

2BIC will make its official debut on March 14.

Reach reporter Oh MiJung on Twitter @isyutar!

Source: eNewsWorld

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2 Responses to [NEWS] Will 2BIC Become The Next SG Wannabe?

  1. J says:

    I heard the teasers for their song and I’m really impressed by their vocals! I’m waiting for their debut 🙂

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