[NEWS] Seokhoon signed with Jellyfish Entertainment, denied rumors of SG Wanna Be break up

I haven’t been around here much, saw this news about a few hours ago.  Took me by surprise, good news indeed.  Although I was expecting some kind of contract news as soon as Seokhoon is able to put together his album. But Jellyfish? It’s a good match for Seokhoon so yes, I couldn’t be happier for him.  I remember Seokhoon mentioning how he’s always thankful for his blessings, knowing that he’s quite lucky in life. It really is true. His solo career has been unbelievably smooth even up to now.

Anyway, Jellyfish Entertainment formally welcomed Seokhoon into its family with a flurry of press release today.  I think Seokhoon signed an exclusive contract with the agency for two years. Seokhoon joins other well known K-balladeers under Jellyfish – Sung Si Kyung (whom he followed on YHY’s Sketchbook last year as guest musician), Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, Lisa, Brian Joo, Hwang Project.  Fans (and news outlets alike) have already hoping for projects/collaborations among these singers in the near future. There’s no change to Seokhoon’s current position as a SG Wanna Be member (the group is under hiatus atm) and I am not sure if Jinho has signed with any management company yet.

Jellyfish Ent wasted no time in announcing that Seokhoon is currently working on an album set for release in May.  He was expected to leave SBS-R Ten Ten club at the end of April, very well-timed, to prepare for his music comeback.

Source:  donga

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3 Responses to [NEWS] Seokhoon signed with Jellyfish Entertainment, denied rumors of SG Wanna Be break up

  1. Jen says:

    Good for him. Can’t wait for the new album. So, the contract is up to 2 years? Guess he is not going to serve the military service anytime soon. Then will we see SG Wannabe again? Hopefully. 🙂

    Btw, is Jellyfish *that* great an agency?

    • iheartmusik2 says:

      Hi Jen, I think Seokhoon will go to MS either later this year or early next. Jellyfish seems to be one of the more respected (albeit smaller) agencies. More importantly is that it represents male vocalists, mostly ballad singers like him, although it is debuting a male idol group. That’s why I think it’s a good choice of Seokhoon; sounds like SH has joined the big league. I haven’t heard a lot of problems with its singers, Jellyfish manages SSK and PSH through their MS breaks so maybe able it will do the same for Seokhoon when he goes. Joining Jellyfish has created a lot of opportunities and gives Seokhoon the right connections. Lots of good for his next album.

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