[RADIO] SBS-R Lee Seok Hoon Ten Ten Club schedule (120423-120429)*FINAL*

… this is Seokhoon’s last week on Ten Ten Club.  Good news is that SBS-R will air the last broadcast as bora.  Bad news? I’ll be out of town this weekend, so most likely I won’t be able to record his final radio DJ day.  Unfortunately, it’s not something I can program to record ahead of time.  Bummer.

If you decide to tune in Ten Ten Club on April 29th, can you please snap a dozen screencaps for me?  Thanks so much.

Mon (4/23) – Chef Kim Raymond, Chef Kim Sam 

Tues (4/24) – NS Yoon-G, Park Sung Gwang

Wed (4/25) –  Kim In Seok

Thurs (4/26) – Song Hyeong Seok, Shinsadong Tiger

Fri (4/27)– Beige, Kang Yu Hyun (ubare), Noel (Kang Kyung Sung & Lee Sang Gong)

Sat (4/28) – Daybreak. ubare

Sun (4/29) – Jeong Beom Gyun, Lee Young Jin (last Ten Ten Club DJ hosting)


Note: **Blue highlights bora days**

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