[NEWS] Fellow musicians show their support for Dalmatian’s new mini-album

With the release of Dalmatian‘s new mini-album ‘State Of Emergency, seniors in the music industry have stepped forward with messages and retweets of support for the group’s comeback.

Kim Chang RyulHaHaF.T. Island‘s Lee HongkiBrown Eyed Girls‘ MiryoMBLAQ, and many more have logged into Twitter to help promote Dalmatian’s new title song “E.R“.

Lee Hongki: “Awesome!

HaHa: “Dalmatian fighting! Wow, daebak!

Baek Ji Young: “Dalmatian’s ‘E.R’! This truly is a state of emergency. Ah, the song is so good.”

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo: “Dalmatian fighting~!!

MBLAQ‘s G.O: “Dalmatian’s ‘E.R’ has been released! The song is really good so please listen to the music.

Kim Chang Ryul: “Dalmatian’s new album has released^^ Please show lots of love to ‘E.R’.”

SG Wannabe‘s Lee Suk Hoon: “The juniors that I love and cherish, Dalmatian’s new album has been released. Their title song is ‘E.R’!! I was there when they were working on their album and listened to a few songs, but I think all of their songs are worthy of being title songs. It makes me want to become a dance singer! The song titled ‘Hurt Me‘… I should have taken that song from them.

Upon seeing their tweets, members of Dalmatian responded, “We’re gaining much strength from our sunbae’s supportive messages! We’ll work harder to show you all the best of Dalmatian.”

With a fresh new image, Dalmatian will be making their comeback on the May 17th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘M!Countdown‘ with “E.R”.

Source: Joy News 24 via Naver


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