[PHOTO] Seokhoon – Jellyfish Entertainment Artist Profile

Finally, his artist page is up on Jellyfish!

Photos are very similar in presentation as Sung Si Kyung and Park Hyo Shin.  I  still can’t believe all three guys are in the same company as Seo In Guk and Brian Joo.  What a vocal powerhouse.

Like the photos (would prefer for them to be a little less photoshopped^^).  Like Seokhoon even more now that he puts on some weight.  He looks so much more relaxed.  Kudos to Jellyfish for sticking with his preppy style.  It’s who he is and how I always see him.  Very approachable clean cut nice guy.

The photos that I stare at the most?  Probably the ones in the plaid shirts (it’s his best style next to the cardigans).  Know why?  He’s a splitting image of my boyfriend when he styles his hair like that.  My favorite look.  ❤

Source:  jellyfish entertainment

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