[DIGITAL SINGLE] Lee Seok Hoon – 연애의 시작 (Beginning of Love)

Seokhoon’s single is the first release from the newly formed producers project group called Y.BIRD. I believe other Jellyfish artists like Park Hyo Shin, Sung Si Kyung and Seo In Gook will be releasing their own songs under the Y.BIRD Jellyfish Island project as well in the future.

Beginning of Love is different from his debut solo mini-album or the signature SG Wanna Be music.  It’s definitely not sad :D.  I’ve always wanted him to do something that sounds like Standing Egg’s Have You Ever Fall In Love, the kind of music that expresses the cotton candy feeling of falling in love.  Not fancy or complicated sound but that of blue sky, simple music that makes you smile when you listen to it.  Happy sound that reflects the person Seokhoon seems to be.  While this digital single may not be vocally challenging, I thought he made a nice change to put out music that he likes.  A cross between pop and indie, coffee shop music (the kind that Seokhoon can play in his own shop if he ever opens one).  I thought he captured perfectly those initial feelings of falling in love.

Lee Seok Hoon – Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island

Digital Single – 연애의 시작 (Beginning of Love)

Release Date:  June 14th, 2012

Track list:

01. 연애의 시작

02. 연애의 시작 (inst.)

Composers: Kim Doo-Hyun, Hwang Sae Jun

Lyrics:  Shim Hyun Bo

Arrangement:  Kim Doo-Hyun



(Source: daum music)

저… 저기 잠시만요

웬만한 연애의 시작은 이래
저기요 정말로 예쁘시네요
이런 말 하는 거 첨이긴 한데
후회할까 봐서요 떨리지만 전화번호 좀

너무 뻔하잖아 유치하고 찬란하고
손가락은 오그라들 것 같아
왜 그러나 싶었거든

근데 그녀에게 유치하게 찬란하게
나 지금 이러고 있다
죄송한데 정말로 예쁘시네요 혹시라도 알 수 있을까요 연락처

웬만한 연애의 시작은 그래
오늘은 날씨가 정말 좋네요
주말엔 뭐해요 별 약속 없음
차 한 잔 할까 해서 바쁘시면 담에 할까요

별 내용도 아닌 문자들을 썼다 지웠다
이모티콘 하나에 고민 고민
왜 그러나 싶었거든

근데 지금 내가 썼다 지웠다 지웠다 썼다
시 한 편 쓸 기세 같아
커피 저녁 뭐가 더 괜찮을까요 혹시라도 볼 수 있을까요

데이트 데이트 첫 데이트
며칠째 온통 머릿속엔 그녀 생각뿐이잖아

자 시작할까
원래 연애란 유치하고 찬란하고
다 그런 거 아니겠어
저만치서 그녀의 모습이 보여 오늘따라 더 예쁘시네요

You’re my love

(Translation:  popgasa!)

“Hey… Hey, just a moment”

The usual start to dating is like this
“Hey, you are very beautiful
It is my first time saying something like this
But in case I regret it, I’m nervous but can I have your number?”

It’s so obvious, childish and dazzling (amazing)
It feels like my fingers will curl up and cringe
I wondered why people do that

But right now, I am acting childish and dazzling (bewildered) to her
“I’m sorry but you’re so beautiful
Do you think I can get your phone number?”

The usual start to dating is like this
“The weather is so nice today
What are you doing this weekend?
If you don’t have any plan, I thought we could have some tea
If you’re busy, shall we do it next time?”

Typing and erasing texts that aren’t much
Worrying over a single emoticon
I wondered why people do that

But right now I’m typing and erasing, erasing and typing
At this rate, I’ll probably write a poem
“Coffee or dinner, which would be better?
Can I see you some time?”

Date, date, the first date
For the past few days, all I can think of is her

Now, shall we start?
Dating is normally childish and dazzling (amazing)
It’s like that for everyone
I see her from afar
“You look more beautiful than ever today”
You’re my love

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One Response to [DIGITAL SINGLE] Lee Seok Hoon – 연애의 시작 (Beginning of Love)

  1. zaiwen says:

    Sorry.I don’t understand,It’s means seokhoon leave SG wannabe? or just a solo single?

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