[NEWS] Clazziquai’s Alex charged for drunk driving + agency releases public apology

… back from a long hiatus and a wonderful trip to Europe.  Saw this old headline of Seokhoon’s co-MC, guess that’s why Seokhoon has been enjoying his time off playing baseball.   MBC’s “Be My Singer” got off six episodes but is now off-air.  Seokhoon tweeted a couple of weeks ago that he has resumed work on his album.

Clazziquai’s Alex was found guilty for drunk driving after a random police inspection. According to the Seoul Gangnam Police, Alex was caught driving while under the influence around 2AM on July 18th. Upon inspection, Alex’s intoxication level was at 0.134%, which also meant a cancellation of his license.

Alex was reportedly driving alone. Despite not having any accidents when the inspection happened, the police emphasized that it was just as dangerous. A witness also gave a statement about the incident and was quoted saying, “My car was next to his but I could tell he was very drunk. He was driving recklessly so I reported it to the police and they got here quickly. I didn’t know it was Alex, I only found out when the police arrived.”

Alex has been charged with drunk driving after the inspection and was sent off right after. The singer’s agency also sent out an official statement for the issue and has apologized for the news. The statement revealed that Alex regrets his actions, as a public figure, and is reflecting on the turn of events. The agency also explained that there is no certainty as to when Alex will return to work and will take some time to reflect.

Sources: Dailian,Hancinema and Newsen via ohkpop

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