[NEWS] Lee Seok Hoon to return with album release and first solo concerts in October

Been waiting for this news so no, it’s not a surprise.  It’s fall season after all.

Good news first.  As expected for a ballad singer but nevertheless overdue, Seokhoon will soon make his music comeback with his second mini-album next month. I’m not sure if it will be a full album, at press release, it’s noted as another mini-album.  Not surprising since this time it will be produced by Jellyfish as opposed to his old company.  Mini-album is scheduled to drop on October 14th, two years after his first one in 2010.

The same weekend, October 19-21, Seokhoon will host his first solo concert series at Samsung Hall on the campus of Ewah Woman University in Seoul.  Jellyfish Entertainment indicated that he wanted to send his “Hello” (the theme of these concerts) to his fans as a warm and grateful way of saying goodbye in place of a sad farewell.

Which leads me to think that Seokhoon will enlist very soon.  At the end of the year maybe?  I hope he will make at least a few appearances on music shows if he’s not planning to promote this mini-album.

Source:  newsis

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