[VIDEO] Lee Seok Hoon – SBS Inkigayo Comeback promo (120930)

… not sure if I’m the only one 🙂  I know I’m supposed to buy this romantic ballad singer image of Seokhoon but I can’t take him seriously knowing how dorky he really is.^^

Seokhoon is marking his comeback on at least one music show, SBS Inkigayo, next Sunday.  I haven’t seen anything about Music Bank and MCountdown appearances.  Knowing how Mnet and CJ E&M love SG Wanna Be, it’s a sure thing that he will be on MCountdown at least once.  I think the only other ballad singer to release a comeback album on the same day next week is Kim Tae Woo.  TVQX, GaIn and Park Ji Min will also perform Inki comebacks as well on air.  Incidentally, I just saw Navi’s Inki performance and oh boy, she matured so much since the early days!

Credit:  instiz

Image: xvans

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