[REVIEW] SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon Releases MV for “Because I Like You”

Seokhoon did a couple of interviews for Mnet, Daum, and Cyworld about his new mini-album.  Not sure if I can get full translations for them but he did truly intend to use this album as a way to thank his fans and family.  Some of the songs are actually quite meaningful and well thought out.

Here’s a short blurb on MTV Iggy blog about his album.


By Corynn Smith | October 4, 2012

Looking for something coffee-shop chill to listen to today? Check out Lee Seok Hoon’s second solo mini-album Different Hello, which dropped todayThe SG Wannabe member recorded a pleasant five-song mix of warm lyrics and melodies, and it’s a great addition to any pick-me-up playlist.

Lead single “Because I Like You” is slightly bittersweet in its message, coming across as a sad speculation on the way the girl he loves is being treated by her current boyfriend. Lyrics like “Find someone better, someone who won’t leave you alone // It’s alright even if that person is not me,” tip us off that Seok Hoon may not get the girl in the end. But it’s his genuine wish for her happiness, which comes across in the music that keeps the tone of the song positive.

SISTAR’s Bora makes a cameo in the music video, which was beautifully shot in slow motion.


01. “Different Hello”
02. “Because I Like You”
03. “Only Thankful”
04. “Autumn Passes By”
05. “Your Chair”

Different Hello as a whole is delightfully simple. The collection of ballads that range from tracks with familiar standard tempos, like “Your Chair” to those with hints of R&B and jazz like in “Only Thankful.” With the recent influx of intense dance music saturating the K –music market these days, it’s nice to hear an album that lifts the spirits with optimism and soothes the soul with a warm –non-Autotuned– voice and comforting melodies.

Source:  MTV Iggy News

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