[NEWS] Singer Lee Suk Hoon Holds a Surprise Guerilla Event for Fans

… I remember seeing tweets about this.  Promoting albums and holding concerts at the same time is something SG Wanna Be did with their fourth and fifth albums so Seok Hoon does have experience doing juggling it. Still, hoping he can get some well-deserved rest soon.  Must be tiring.

[October 8, 2012 11:46 AM EDT]

Singer Lee Suk Hoon was able to meet his fans through a surprise event.

Lee Suk Hoon has come back with a new album after a 2 year hiatus. He wanted to thank his fans and so on October 7, he held a surprise event at a music store at the Seoul Coex.

His agency commented, “Since it has been awhile since he has released a new album, he wanted to hold an event where he could meet with his fans.”

They continued, “Although the event was made quickly, many fans showed up at the event and supported him.”

Lee Suk Hoon released his new album on October 4 and is currently promoting his new song, “Because I Like You.” He plans to hold his first solo concert on October 19-21.

Image:  newsen

Image:  everywannabe blog/sanga P

Image:  choijeonga cyworld

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