[VIDEO] YTN News Issue & People – Lee Seok Hoon interview (121010)

… YTN did a segment today on the return of ballad singers for the fall, interviewing Seokhoon as he represents a successful comeback for the genre this month.  It’s a fairly long nice interview, with bits about his debut with SG Wannabe, his activities as a solo artist  apart from the group (and its musical style), how he feels being a ballad singer in the changing K-pop scene, the challenge and reality of composing/producing for the first time, and the significance of the tracks in his new mini-album.  There are also mentions of his 33kg weight loss (he did it for a girl LOL) and what his ideal girlfriend is.  As a warning, don’t be surprise if you see more dancing and even a little of acting from him in the future.^^

Jacket.is.tight. ^^

Credit:  YTN News

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One Response to [VIDEO] YTN News Issue & People – Lee Seok Hoon interview (121010)

  1. My highlights :
    The caster said he seems the same on TV and off~he says most ppl says he is better of screen so he thanked the newscaster for his „good words“ HAHA

    So in this album theres a song that he wrote himself. „you place“ is the title.its for his parents.he said it could be his age that makes him think more of his parents~hence his first composed song is written for them.some of the lyrics goes „is your reason to live is to worry about me?am i more precious than you?“ the lyrics is to express gratitude to them.

    It was a bit awkward filming that scene with bora XD bora is the one who lead them in the scene.he thinks bora is better at acting than him.there were offers for him for dramas+musicals but he still wants to focus on singing and of course he feels he cant act and for musical acting+dancing is needed aside of singing,he cant do the other two hence.

    The they talked about the many new idols,the ballads,his pride of his ballad,and his appearance in IS2.moved on what he did before debut.he performed at hongdae(a place in korea) then to help(he kinda hesitated on the word teacher) to improve thier vocals,as vocal trainer.

    And he had been a trainee in some company but didnt get the chance to debut~

    He is still nervous going around solo without the other 2 members.good thing is that theres more time to get ppl to hear his voice,to get to know him.

    He said he hav had sad love~and wieght lose both bcoz of a girl+bcoz he is debuting as singer as well.

    His concert is like a cafe~he’ll be the owner+barista.like in cafe,lovers talk about love,where friends meet and all.so that atmosphere,he’ll give it thru songs.

    And he wrote a book too during he rested.pictures+essays about his vacation to helsinki.it will come soon,next week or two.

    hope this helps you kb ♥

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