[PHOTO] A “beastly” Seokhoon tweeting the contents of his lunch box

So the press finds the transformation of the guy on the left to this athletic looking guy on the right shocking 😀

I saw a couple of photos floating around the net of Seokhoon,  posted on a fitness training website, showing a guy more fit than whom I saw half a year ago.   I knew he was doing some core/weight training from his baseball pictures so it wasn’t a surprise to see him bulking up. Still, I haven’t seen him this fit since… never.  As long as I’ve known him (since his debut), he’s always been lanky and lean.

Since people have been asking about his training method, Seokhoon replied by tweeting the contents of his lunchbox today.  Right at lunchtime where I am.  Made me so hungry!  Supposedly the secret to his form is not so secret.  Commit to your workout and eat healthy.  Chicken breast, vegetables, boiled eggs… all the stuffs that I eat when I’m on my running program.  haha

Image:  Secret__SS twitter

Seriously, that’s great.  What’s he doing is great.  Keep it up Seokhoon.

See?  A change of an agency IS a big thing.  He’s at a much better place now.  More comfortable with his age, his career, the whole image thing.  Eating and looking more healthy than before.  Speaking of agency, I hope Jinho is doing well.  He has been quiet; last we heard from him on twitter was that congratulatory tweet when Seokhoon released his mini-album.

Source:  newsen, http://blog.naver.com/tjemsfl517/90154053424

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One Response to [PHOTO] A “beastly” Seokhoon tweeting the contents of his lunch box

  1. koolb says:

    this is amazIng, I’m so giddy! And yes at least he is now fully aware of his own body. ah! He should have at least showed these new transformation on his photobook. I want some choco abs too, a masculine Lee Seok Hoon I want hehe! Bee you think no md yet, maybe he’ll come out for a full album next year *cross finger* before he leave for his duty hehe!

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