[VIDEO] Lee Seok Hoon (이석훈) – 고마울뿐야 (Just Being Thankful) Eng Sub

I sent a link of this song to a friend this week without telling her anything about the singer. She immediately replied that this sounds like the kind of songs that Kim Dong Ryul would sing… and it made her miss KDR.

This is my sentimental favorite track on this mini-album.  It’s the kind of music I hope Seokhoon would sing more.  Less of Cho Young Soo.  The song is light & breezy, simple, nothing dramatic, the type that he loves.  The kind that I like.^^  I’ve always thought he would be good at singing happy and hopeful songs … in the same style that Kim Dong Ryul is good at.

Seokhoon dedicated this song to the fans who have waited the last two years for his solo comeback.

고마울뿐야 (Just Being Thankful)

Lyrics:  Lee Mi-Na

Composers:  Kim Doo Hyun, Hwang Se Jun

English translation:  shyangz

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One Response to [VIDEO] Lee Seok Hoon (이석훈) – 고마울뿐야 (Just Being Thankful) Eng Sub

  1. koolb says:

    I picked this one too bee, it reminds me of his Immortal Song days. Thanks to shyangz. By the way, I hope your friend will get to see a live concert of Kim Dong Ryul someday, he had one yesterday and it was a full pack concert. :))

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