[CONCERT] Lee Seokhoon -1st Solo Concerts “An-Nyoung” preview

“An-nyoung” in Korean, literally means “come/go in peace”, is a casual greeting that means both “hello and goodbye”.  Quite appropriate for Seokhoon as these are his first formal concerts for his fans since debut.  Not only is “an-nyoung” included in the title of his minialbum, it’s also used in the lyrics of “Just Being Thankful” where he thanks his fans and greets them of his comeback. These personal touches tell me about the care that Seokhoon puts into his music this time around.

안녕이란 말로 – just saying “an-nyoung”

헤어졌던 우린데 – those words said when we broke up
다시 또 안녕이라 말하면 – if we just said “an-nyoung” again
멈췄던 사랑이 또 시작돼  – a love that stopped could start again

– Just Being Thankful (LSH’s Second Mini-album “Different Hello”)

Along the same meaning of “Hello”, Seokhoon’s first solo concerts will be presented under the “Cafe An-Nyoung” theme, combining his love for music and coffee. The set is a coffee shop, think he’s supposed to be a barista at least once during the concerts (ohhh kkkk :)).  It’s a nice concept, reflecting his trademarks and sensibility.  It totally makes sense for me why he chose a women’s university hall instead of a large concert hall for his venue.  Seokhoon has always been popular with the twenty (plus HAHA) year old university students.  Seokhoon’s appeal to the XYZ generations is based a lot on the fact that his music is comfortable, nice and often very positive to listen to.  Plus he seems like a nice fun guy to be around. Something that Jellyfish works off of Seokhoon, his charm and personality, and does a good job of marketing him. I like when a company takes the right approach and encourages its musician to express his musicality and color in his own ways.  Not building one for the artist then forces that image onto the singer and us. *cough CUBE cough*

These photos were found on cyworld BGM showing Seokhoon in last-minute rehearsals (credit to xvans for the repost)

 A couple of fan photos taken of the set on stage in Friday’s first concert.

@seijoonhwang twitter

@sanga-P twitter

@frances0726 twitter

As I’ve guessed, he performed an acoustic number.

@sanga-P twitter

He was nervous two nights ago as he usually does before big events.  Tweets from the fans after Friday’s concert were positive. Let’s see if we can get to see the fan photos/videos.

Source: KBS World


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