[EVENT] Singer Lee Seokhoon transformed into barista for a day at Mangosix

… if you’re going, can I pre-order a non-fat straightforward cafe latte?  2 shots of sugar please.

Seokhoon will be taking up the barista role once again for the fans (heard that he actually got trained by the real pros) next week on Halloween. It’s an arranged event that allows him to interact directly with his fans.  If you are free on Wednesday October 31st, head over to Mangosix Coffee & Dessert in Sinchon around 8pm.  Seokhoon will be prepping and serving hot coffee to those lucky fans who are willing to brave the cold for a warm drink.  I think this branch is near Ewha Womens University and most likely will be packed so go early if you do go.  (fare, you.go!)

Address and direction on Mangosix website HERE.  Do share photos.

Source:  Sportseoul

In another interview with Newsen, Seokhoon was quoted sounding a little unsure of the future of SG Wanna Be.  The uncertainty of a SG Wanna Be break up teeters mostly on the fact that the group has terminated its contract with IS Entertainment and has not signed with any agency.  Yongjun continues to serve out his military term as a public servant and Seokhoon will have to enlist in the near future.  Under these circumstances, it’s understandably tough to produce or release any album in the next few years.  I’ve heard rumors that SGW has already recorded their eighth album before Yongjun left.  Seokhoon said he still keeps in touch with Yongjun and Jinho as he continues to pursue a solo career after signing with Jellyfish.

I imagine they’ll try their hardest to get back together as SGW and keep their promise to the fans.  We can only hope.

Source:  Newsen

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