[NEWS] Lee Seok Hoon successfully finishes his first solo concert

By Kim Ji-Yi | STAR N News – Mon, Oct 22, 2012 10:48 AM MYT

Lee Seok Hoon successfully finished his first solo concert.

Lee Seok Hoon held his first solo concert from 19th until 21st in the celebration of releasing his second solo mini album, ‘Different Hello’, and fully showed his amazing musical caliber.

Lee Seok Hoon performed a great number of songs from his old and new albums, and other famous songs that he enjoy singing.

Furthermore, singer So Hyang, comedian Park Ji Sun, and Park Sung Gwang appeared as special guests and showed great supports for their friend.

After finishing all three concerts, Lee Seok Hoon said, “I was so nervous to stand on the stage, because I thought that I should pay back the fans’ endless support somehow. It was quite overwhelming to have a time to communicate with the fans on my own stage.”

It is also said that Lee Seok Hoon ended up showing tears while singing a song that he wrote, thinking about his parents.

On the other hand, Lee Seok Hoon will be continuing his active promotion for a while.

Source:  StarNews; Image: TVDaily

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