[NEWS] Comedienne Park Ji Sun Promises to Wait 2 Years for SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon

They are hilarious together… too funny!  She forgot to mention that she was part of his Monday corner on Ten Ten Club.  And even guested with Jinho on his last radio day. Whatever it is, I ship their friendship!

012-11-05 18:07  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Two years in the army may be a long time for some, but comedienne Park Ji Sun promises to wait for SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon.

On November 4, Park Ji Sun revealed on KBS’ Gag Concert in her skit, ‘Comedic Actresses,’ that a certain celebrity is confusing her.

“I’m pretty close with many male celebrities but most of them say, “Nuna, buy me food, buy me drinks,’ but this man is a little different,” said Park Ji Sun. “On one variety program, he said he really cares for me and that I am like his heart. This person is Lee Seok Hoon!”

The comedienne continued to says, “He says I’m his heart. Isn’t the heart the most important part of the human body?”

She went on to say that she even tried to buy him food, but Lee Seok Hoon refused, saying, “My mother taught me that a girl is not supposed to pay.”

“He called me a girl!” said Park Ji Sun, making the crowd laugh, “When I tried to pay, he told me to quit playing around and patted me on the head and pinched my cheeks.”

Park Ji Sun continued, “Usually, you buy your juniors spicy rice cakes, your girlfriend pasta, but Lee Seok Hoon bought me Korean beef! Is it a proposal with beef? I asked him why he’s buying me something so expensive and he said he’s going to the army soon. Are you asking me to wait for you?”

Then she turned straight to the camera and said, “Lee Seok Hoon! Listen carefully! Do I need to wait two years? I mean, I’ve been waiting for 29 years, so I can wait two!”

Viewers commented, “What is going on?” “Is this for real, or is he just nice to all the girls?” and “Will they become a new couple?”

Photo Credit: KBS
Source:  enewsworld

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