[VIDEO] Lee Seung Hwan, Lee Seok Hoon & Various Artists – 꽃(Flower) OST Music Video for “26 Years”

My… I’m really glad Seokhoon participates in this OST.  What a pleasant surprise.

Seokhoon’s voice opens the music video for “26 Years”, part of a collaboration by forty plus artists and actors who came together to film this MV for the film’s OST.   The song is a remake of Lee Seung Hwan’s 꽃 Flower from his 2003 “His Ballad II” album.  Lovely song for such a  landmark movie!

 “꽃” -Various Artists 



(Yoon Sang + Lee Seokhoon + Jung Jichan + Kim Hyungjoong + Yozoh + Lee Gyuho + Im Seulong + Yoon Dohyun + Horan + Kim Jongseo + Lee Seunghwan)

Translated by ONSEMIRO – My Dear Korea

윤상 – 내 오랜 낡은 수첩 빛 바래진 종이 위에

(Yoon Sang) – On a sheet of discolored paper, in my old, worn-out planner

이석훈 – 분홍 글씨 그대 이름 내게 남아선 안 되는

(Lee Seok Hoon) – Your name was written in pink that I shouldn’t keep in my heart.

정지찬 – 그 뒷모습 따라가 보는 엄마 잃은 아이처럼

(Jung Jichan) – Just like a child who lost the hold of his mom’s hand, follows a woman whose back looks like his mom’s.

김형중 – 그대 손을 놓쳐 버린 그 거리를 나 기억 못하네

(Kim Hyungjoong) – I don’t remember the street where I let go of your hand.

요조 – 많은 시간이 흘러서 우리 살아가는 작은 세상 몇 바퀴를 돌아

(Yozoh) – So much time has gone away, revolving around and around and around… this small world that we live in

이규호 – 그대가 내 삶의 시작이었다는 뒤늦은 고백도 갈곳이 없네

(Lee Gyuho) – so my belated confession that my life began with you has no place to go.

임슬옹 – 어쩌면 어김없이 지나는 가을 그 긴 옷자락

(Im Seulong) – The long train of the autumn’s dress that passes by without fail

윤도현 – 가려지는 슬픈 얼굴 서로 서로 비밀이 되가네

(Yoon Dohyun) – and covers our sad faces so we’re becoming each other’s secret.

호란 – 혹시 시간이 지쳐서 우리 살아가는 동안 다시 만날 수 있다면

(Horan) – Only if time gets tired so we meet again in the course of our lives,

김종서 – 그대가 내 삶의 끝이 돼 주기를 바라는 내 사랑 보여주겠네

(Kim Jongseo) – I will show you (my) love, my hope that my life will end with you.

이승환 – 먼 옛날 눈물로 지새던 밤 그대 기억도 못할 약속 가슴에 남아

(Lee Seunghwan) – Long, long time ago, one night I spent in tears

I made a promise that you wouldn’t even remember but it still remains in my heart.

합창 (로맨틱펀치, 소란, 악퉁, 안녕바다, 이승환밴드, 와이낫, 요조, 용원(옐로우몬스터즈), 윤도현, 이현석(기타리스트), 장미여관, 짙은, 칵스, 타루, 트랜스픽션, 피아, 피터팬 콤플렉스, 호란, 진구,배수빈)

– 혹시 시간이 흘러도 우리 살아있는 동안 다신 볼 수 없다 해도
그대의 태양이 다 지고 없을 때 말없이 찾아가 꽃이 되겠네

(Chorus) Even when time goes by and even if we never meet again in the course of our lives, when your sun has gone down and away, I will silently come (to you) and become a flower.

이승환 – 내 사랑 영원히 잠드는 잔디 위에 꽃이 되겠네

(Lee Seunghwan) – In the grass where love rests in eternal peace, I will become a flower.

I did a quick search on the movie (being busy as I am, this is the first time I’ve heard of it so pardon me) and was touched by its backstory.  “26 Years” is based on Kangfull’s 2006 comics which dramatized events 26 years after and related to the 1980 Gwangju Democratization Movement (HERE) where civilians’ uprising for democracy was opposed with deadly forces by Chun Doo-hwan’s army.

Credit:  dearkorea You Tube

You can read more about “26 Years” at  My Dear Korea’s blog spot.  I’ll just lift some of her posts to this blog.

…”26 Years” is based on Kangfull’s 2006 comics by the same title which is also based on the historical event that happened in 1980, that is, the Gwangju Democratization Movement (aka, Gwangju Massacre) against Chun Doohwan who was ruling South Korea as an unelected military strongman starting December 12, 1979, about 2 months after the death of Park Chung-hee. The estimated number of total civilian casualties ranges from 4,369 to 5,189.  More accurately speaking though, the genre of this movie is faction, a portmanteau of “fact” and “fiction” in which five individuals cooperate with one another in order to execute Chun (the man) 26 years after they had lost their loved ones in the event. (Note that Kangfull published this comic series online in 2006.)

Making of this movie had come up against a great many unforeseen yet predictable difficulties as investors were spooked and pulled their funding from the movie presumably as a result of external coercion. It was originally set to star Kim Ahjoong (now replaced by Han Hyejin), Ryoo Seungbeom (now replaced by Jin Goo), Han Sangjin (now replaced by Bae Subin), Jin Goo (now replaced by Im Seulong), and Byeon Heebong for the man (now replaced by Jang Gwang) in 2008; it was titled 29 Years as it was expected to be released in 2009, 29 years after the event.

Cheong-eoram, the production of the movie decided to try crowd funding (named Jejak Dure Project) in March, 2012, nearly 4 years after the original production fell apart, and eventually started filming the movie on July 19, 2012, with a new director and new actors/actresses except Jin Goo who had waited all the while and ended up playing the leading role – he was originally a supporting actor in the movie.

In an interview with Hangyeore News, Han Hyejin said, “I took the role of Shim Mijin right away ‘cause I am an actor and I really wanted to participate in this movie. So I was/am bewildered by people who worried/worry about me. I think there’s nothing to worry about ‘cause it’s really what happened in the past.” She said she had watched the documentary films and pictures related to the 1980 event to be enlightened before filming and became sure that the movie would be one of the most rewarding experiences in her career.

The role Han played in the movie is a shooting athlete-turned-sniper. Unlike other collaborators who want an apology from “the man,” she thinks he deserves nothing but execution. “I want people to wake up at the sound of Shim Mijin’s gun, just like I did. For there are so many people that are ignorant of the Gwangju Democratization Movement, just like I was. I hope the victims and their families know that they are not history, lost and forgotten. I hope they know that we know. And I hope this movie can help them heal their wounded hearts,” said Han. When asked what she thought of “the man,” she answered, “Well…, don’t you think he’s pathetic and pitiful? The most pathetic and pitiful thing is people not aware of or not admitting their serious wrongdoings.”

The movie “26 Years” is scheduled to be released on November 29, 2012.

Onsemiro/My Dear Korea

The movie received financial backing from singer-songwriter Lee Seung Hwan who was also instrumental in getting the artists together for the music video.  He and artist Kangfull discussed their roles in making “26 Years” on TvN Taxi recently.

Credit:  dearkorea You Tube

My hope for the best to all those involved with “26 Years” and their efforts to raise awareness about the Gwangju Democratic Movement.  See the movie if you can!  

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