[PHOTO] Naver Music Special – Jelly Christmas 2012 x 2013 HEART PROJECT Behind-The-Scene

121206_jellyfish_top_766x196_201212051643Ever since 2010, the artists of Jellyfish Entertainment have made a tradition of getting together at the end of the year to prepare a special gift for their fans in the form of a Christmas video/song.  I think the songs were always released on December 6th.  Naver Music published some of the on-the-set photos of the day they gathered for the special  album jacket shoot and music video.  That’s a lot of handsome men in one building! Can’t tell you how glad I am to see Park Hyo Shin again.  He looks and sounds great.

There are also Making Of video + fan greetings sent by the artists.  Too bad the videos cannot be played outside of SK but I am sure someone will upload them later.


Outline of the day’s shedule:

11:00 am – 2:30 pm VIXX photos

3:00 pm – Lee Seok Hoon photos

4:00 pm – Park Hyo Shin photos

5:00 pm – personal interviews/fan greetings

7:00 pm – Sung Si Kyung / Park Hyo Shin photos/interview

8:00 pm – Jellyfish artists group photos







121106_jellyfish_724360_3 121106_jellyfish_724360_4 121106_jellyfish_7241448_1


121106_jellyfish_724160_1 121106_jellyfish_724240_1

Source:  Naver Music

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