[VIDEO] Lee Seok Hoon – 사랑하면 안돼요 I Can’t Love You (MBC I Miss You OST Part 4) Eng Sub

… suddenly I miss SG Wanna Be.  This is the dramatic emotional stuffs that we used to hear them take on.

Seokhoon returns to singing OST and this song beautifully shows off the texture of his voice.   It’s one of those instances where you appreciate how the song is expressed more than the lyrics itself.   I played this in the car while driving in the rain to work today.

사랑하면 안돼요 (I Can’t Love You) is the fourth song featured as part of the original sound track for MBC’s drama I Miss You.  Seokhoon follows Part 1 (Wax’s The Teardrops Are Falling), Part 2 (Boohwal Jung Dong Ha’s Just Look At You) and Part 3 (Byul/Star & Shorry J’s Reminds Me of You).

사랑하면 안돼요 – I Can’t Love You

Credit:  koolbjeongshin You Tube

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