[MUSIC VIDEO] Lee Seok Hoon – 친구 아닌 남자로 (As A Man, Not A Friend) 130111

… going back to the basic.  Written by Producer 79, the title song of his repackaged album returns Seokhoon to his root as a ballad singer. With a small difference.  His voice has matured, stronger, and more emotive.  It’s almost five years since he debuted. Seokhoon didn’t strayed too much from his niche, stayed the same with his music but grew to be a different singer than the Seokhoon whom I first listened to.  I still love his vocal range and his choice in music.  His numerous covers have been more impressive vocally than his solos, though less as fun and charming. He’s that guy friend that a lot of girls know at least once in their lifetime.^^ I will miss his nice guy-next-door dorkiness.

This is a nice way to say farewell.  His voice is quite special.

Great ballad vocalist Lee Seok Hoon releases his special album to thank all his fans just before joining the Korean military for his service!

The Title “As a man, Not a friend” was recorded with Orchestra and Brass session to create a plentiful sound, and Lee Seok Hoon’s explosive vocal towards the end of the track makes this song very appealing.

Certainly, this heartwarming music by Lee Seok Hoon will be a perfect album to listen in this cold winter days.


Credit:  Jellyfishenter You Tube

English Sub

Credit: LoveKpopSubs11 You Tube

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