[NEWS] SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin-ho Holds First Solo Fan Meeting in Japan (120608)

Jinho tweeted a while back that his solo album will be coming later this month.  I don’t think this was ever posted, news from Jinho’s first Japan fan meeting last June.


SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin-ho held his first solo fan meeting at Tokyo’s Shibuya Ax on June 8th. The event was in a talk show format with Kim introducing moments of his personal life through pictures and video clips.

He introduced some pictures from his trips abroad, saying “I enjoy traveling and I was really moved by the passion that musicians and even child performers had on the streets. They made me look back at myself and reflect.”

He cautiously added, “music styles change with time, and music can define people living in a certain age. There’s a lot of stimulating songs out there, but I think I’ll take a step back and do my own style of music.”

Kim sang “Hope”, their hit song “As We Live”, and performed “The Girl from the Cigarette Store“ in a musical format delighting his fans.

He also showcased his new song “Baby’s Breath”, which will be included in his upcoming solo album, saying the song was made thinking of their former member Chae Dong-ha who died in 2011. He said, “we have to thank people who help others shine, just like Baby’s Breath does for other flowers.”

Kim, who is currently working on his solo album, ended the fan meeting singing “Partner for Life” and even got teary eyed seeing the love and support of his fans. He promised his fans they would meet again saying, “SG Wannabe will come back even stronger after three years.” At the end of the meeting, he shook hands with his fans, thanking them individually for coming. [Yonhap]

Source: KBS Global

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One Response to [NEWS] SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin-ho Holds First Solo Fan Meeting in Japan (120608)

  1. Sg Wannabe es lo +, ojala que nunca no se desintegren

    , y mucha suerte para Jin-Ho!!! n___n

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