[NEWS] SG Wannabe comeback – The Voice Is Back

[by Sora Ghim] SG Wannabe will be making a comeback as a whole group after 4 years.

Korea’s best male vocal group, SG Wannabe (Kim Yong Jun, Lee Seok Hoon, Kim Jin Ho) will release its mini album ‘THE VOICE’ on August 19.

Returning as a whole group after 4 years, this new album was worked on with the producer of SG Wannabe’s other hit songs, Cho Young Soo. Cho Young Soo stated, “Anyone can relate and the album was completed to the members’ satisfaction.”

On SG Wannabe’s official Facebook page, it revealed a teaser video along with the news. In the video, it shows an MP3 player and plays songs ‘Timeless,’ ‘La La La,’ ‘Saldaga (lit. As We Live)’ and other hit songs, raising anticipation for SG Wannabe’s comeback.

Meanwhile, SG Wannabe will hold its solo concert on October 9-10 and tickets will be open on August 11. (photo by CJ E&M, SG Wannabe Teaser Image)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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