[MINI-ALBUM] SG Wannabe – The Voice


… even at first listen, it’s clear.  This is not vintage SGW.  Those soulful melodies, their style in the first four albums, are not here.  Since the fifth album, they have been going away from that vintage R&B, choosing to be more ballady and upbeat.  This SGW is here to stay.

More than any previous album, The Voice attempts to show their growth and maturity.  Each singer took on writing lyrics and (co)composing one track in the mini-album.   The other two title songs were written by long time friends + composers Cho Young Soo and Kim Do Hoon.  They were instrumental in many past SGW hits.  But ya know, sometimes, it wouldn’t hurt to go with other producers for the title song~

Do I like this mini-album?

I’ll be honest.  I don’t love it after first-play.  Their voices are capable of more I always thought.  Ask me again after a few months 🙂

I do like hearing them singing again.  Good Memory stands out along with Jinho’s You Are Mine.  SGW is scheduled to make their comeback on Mnet and Music Bank this week.

Happy 11th year, SG Wannabe!


1. Love You


2.  Those Days


3. Good Memory


4.  Twenty


5.   You Are Mine


Source:  SG Wannabe Facebook

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