[V Report] SG Wannabe returns, Seochon tour with Eric Nam

Broadcast date: Aug 19
Starring: SG Wannabe, Wooyoung and Nichkhun of 2PM, Winner, iKON, Hyejung of AOA, Eric Nam

Vocal trio SG Wannabe returned to the music scene with a special concert at 8 p.m. on V app, ending a four-year-hiatus.

SG Wannabe (Naver V App)

Over 2,500 fans gathered at an outdoor stage near bustling Gangnam Station to see the trio unveil songs from the new album “The Voice.”

The trio sang new songs “Heart Beating” and “Good Memories” for the first time before releasing a much-anticipated album on music sites at 10 p.m. The band also performed a string of hits, including “Timeless,” While You Live” and “Partner for Life,” with fans singing along.

SG Wannabe (Naver V App)
Kim Yong-jun of SG Wannabe (Naver V App)

“This is first stage with all the members after four years,” said member Kim Yong-jun whose eyes were filled with tears.

“When I was singing, all the good memories passed by and it was overwhelming,” said Kim Jin-ho.


By Ahn Sung-mi (sahn@heraldcorp.com)

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